Pro Life

"Overnight In Prayer for Life" All -Night Vigil at St. Isidore Church. Begins Tues., Nov. 30 at 7pm-Exposition of The Most Blessed Sacrament and Ends Wed., Dec. 1 at 8am with Benediction. Calling on Catholics across the country to join together in Eucharistic adoration on the eve of Dec. 1-the day when the Supreme Court hears the landmark pro-life case Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health. Come join in prayer whenever and for as long as you can because this will be a historic moment for our country, and we need God's help to end abortion. ALL ARE INVITED! Contact: 402-910-0958 to volunteer for an hour-looking especially for men to cover the middle of the night hours. God will bless you for trying to save His Little ones.

Sponsored by: Catholic Vote & locally by the Columbus, Tri-parish Legion of Mary