Our History

St. Isidore's Parish has celebrated 55 years!

St. Isidore Catholic Church started by celebrating Mass at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Fr. Francis Price was appointed the first pastor in 1963, and it took nearly two years until a building was erected to house both a new elementary school and church under the name of St. Isidore.

The archdioceses of Omaha bought land for the future church in 1958. About 200 people were part of the initial establishment of the church. Now, 55 years later, St. Isidore has grown to about 1,400 parishioners.

The church is named after the patron saint of farmers because of the importance of agriculture in the area. It wasn't until 1965 that the school and church were built. St. Isidore joined St. Anthony and St. Bonaventure as the third Catholic church in Columbus.

Throughout the years, the school and church has gone through additions and renovations, including in 1983, 1989 and 1994. In 1988, a rectory and business office was built. Plans were to always have a church separate from the school. The building process for 23,000-square-foot church at 3921 20th St. started in 2005. Two years later, the parishioners had a new place to call home. In May of 2007, the new St. Isidore church was dedicated. It was a day some of the founders didn’t think would ever come. St. Isidore's current pastor Fr. Joe Miksch is only the third pastor at St. Isidore, following Fr. Price and Fr. Floyd Wessling. Father Joe Miksch has been pastor since 1997.

The church has an octagonal design to better create a feeling of community in the parish.