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All parents at St. Isidore School are considered members of this association and are encouraged to participate in the meetings, which are held periodically throughout the school year.  Notification of meetings is provided to parents on the monthly school calendar, and reminders will be sent via Bloomz app.  The purpose of this organization is to plan wholesome opportunities for social interaction, to provide funds for school needs, and to promote open communication with faculty, parents, students and the entire community.  Home and School members help to provide funding for programs and materials, which enrich the school environment. 

Home and School plays a large part in organizing room mothers, end-of-year classroom cleaning, recess volunteers, and arranging for student activities throughout the year.  Dues are $25.00 per family per year, which supports school activities like Fall Festival, St. Nicholas day, Catholic Schools Week, Read Across America day, Teacher Appreciation Week and Sixth Grade Graduation.  Various social gatherings may be held throughout the year to help parents and staff get to know each other.  Home and School also organizes the annual Shrimp Peel fundraiser for the school, which requires significant parent participation in order to succeed.  The Shrimp Peel is scheduled on a Friday during Lent.  Your support of this organization is essential in helping our school community grow in relationship with each other!

If you would like to know more on how you can get involved with Home & School, email us at or call the school office! Or! Check out our page on the school website:

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