Men of God

In our society, men are often told that pursuing money, power, and worldly comforts and entertainments are the keys to happiness.  Unfortunately, many men find out that worldly pursuits, if sought without God, eventually lead to emptiness and sin.  This program teaches men to rightly place God first above all worldly pursuits through prayer, the Mass, devotions, the Sacraments, Holy Scripture, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.   Our goal is to help men know their Catholic faith, so they can be spiritual leaders of their marriages, families, and communities – to become holy men of prayer, who can boldly live a life of virtue, in a society filled with immorality, in a society of which Saint Pope John Paul II called, “the culture of death”’.    

Our “Men of God” group encourages men from all ages and walks of life to attend.   We have young men in their 20’s to elderly men in their 80’s who participate.  Many middle-aged and older men often comment that they wished they would’ve paid attention to their faith earlier in life and been better examples of virtue to their families.  The good news is that it’s never too late to start living a life of virtue – that Jesus wants to meet us where we are and take us much farther than what we can become on our own.

The Men of God program uses authentic Catholic teaching videos, followed by small group discussions, where men can interact with other men on important issues of our times, in ways that are not typically discussed in our society (our society tends to keep God out of the discussion).  By learning our Catholic faith and interacting with other men, many who have faithfully attended this program over the past eight years have made important decisions to pay attention to their faith, to turn away (repent) from their sins, to stop skipping Mass and avoiding confession, and have strived to become men of charity, forgiveness, and virtue.  

When and Where? We meet once per week, from September through April. The sessions are held on Thursday mornings at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 3115 6th Street from 6:30 am to 7:30 am, with optional breakfast and fellowship starting at 6:00 am. Please contact Robert Csukker at 402-910-8057 or rjcsukker@hotmail.com for more information, actual dates, and to sign

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