Seeking Truth Bible Study

The Seeking Truth Bible Study is offered each fall at St. Isidore’s Catholic Church.   The mission of Seeking Truth is to build parish life through the communal study of God’s Word.  Seeking Truth Bible Study lectures are offered free of charge to any Catholic that wants to grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s word.   Seeking Truth uses  rich-media presentations of the lectures given by Sharon Doran.  Sharon is an experienced Bible teacher with master’s degrees in both Education and Pastoral Theology with an emphasis in Sacred Scripture. Sharon is a cradle Catholic and has a deep love for the Church and Magisterium and her studies are endorsed by the Archdiocese of Omaha.   Each week’s study takes place in the family room right off the narthex and includes the viewing of the week’s lesson and then a group discussion of the study.  More information about Seeking Truth can be found at  If you are interested in participating or have further questions, please call Laurie Lange at 402-564-8053 or Bonnie McPhillips at 402-276-1287.  

“The Seeking Truth Bible Study at St. Isidore’s Church has been truly life-changing for me and has brought me closer to God and blessed my life. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a deeper and clearer understanding of the Bible. The Sharon Doran video lectures are riveting; I could listen to her for hours.  Our group discussions have really been a bonding experience for our group. I look forward to each week.  I feel like this experience has filled up my life and my heart, and I am so grateful for our bible study leaders and our group - It’s awesome!”

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