Sunday Night with the Saints

Since 2014, the Sunday evenings in Columbus from early January until about mid-March have included the option of attending a movie that features a saint, a soon-to-be saint, or some other Catholic topic.  This outreach is led by Jeff and Cathy Gokie and was born out of a desire by the couple to learn more about the saints, while simultaneously bringing others closer to Christ.   The couple enjoys sharing these movies with all Christians in the area.  They are always looking for suggestions on movie titles and for helpers to fill in during rare weekends that they are unable to lead the event.  Please contact the couple for more information.

The movies last 1- 2 hours and are shown at Scotus Central Catholic High School in the Little Theatre.  

Complimentary bottled water and homemade cookies are served.

Contact information:

Cathy: 402-276-6461

Jeff:  jlgokie@jgokie.com or 402-270-2304


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