EMHC & Lector

EMHC & Lectors

Lectors have been entrusted with the important task of making the Word of God come alive by proclaiming it for the Christian assembly.

EMHCs assist the clergy in the distribution of the Body and Blood at Communion time. Some EMHCs take Communion to the sick and shut-ins as well.

Participating in the Mass as a Lector or EMHC is a meaningful way to assist the parish and grow in your faith. In order to become a Lector or EMHC, you must attend: one training session (the session lasts about three hours and is offered on three separate dates in August); the Archdiocesan Mandation held in September; and parish-specific training held at St. Isidore's Church. You must register by July 1st in order to participate in the August training. Please email the church secretary at for questions or to get registered.

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