Simon House

Simon House-

We are an emergency service provider for the area and in the spirit of Christian charity, we are committed to assisting those in need in the Columbus area by supplying them with some of the basic needs of daily living at no cost to them, regardless of their creed, opinion, sex or race.  In doing so, we desire to spread the message of Christian faith, hope, and love to our brothers and sisters, who are all God’s children.  We also operate a thrift store. All shoppers are welcome – Simon House offers a wide range of clothing, household goods, furniture, books, jewelry and a nice selection of gifts and unique items in good condition and reasonably priced. Everyone is invited to shop at Simon House!     How can you help?  There are so many great ways to get involved. Volunteer your time or simply provide a financial or goods donation.   For more information visit our thrift store at 1853 10th Ave or call 402-564-8444 or email: Visit our website at:

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